Recycling Tips for the Home

Why you should recycle

In Ontario (Canada) alone approximately 13 million tonnes of waste is produced annually.

The landfills receiving waste are supposedly designed to minimize any negative effects to both the environment and human health. recycle-tips

However, there are still concerns associated with waste disposal.

In landfills toxic chemicals, metals, and bacteria collect as moisture and water filters through the waste creating contaminated water known as Leachate.

When landfills become over-extended, this toxic fluid can seep into and pollute the groundwater as well as nearby surface water.

Decomposing garbage also produces carbon dioxide and methane which are greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

These impacts of waste disposal can be reduced through recycling.

Some municipalities in Canada are successfully diverting over 40% of their waste away from landfills through recycling.

Because recycling programs vary regionally the best source of information on how and what to recycle is your municipality’s website.

Here are a few general tips on recycling at home

  •  Know what you can recycle in your municipality and buy recyclable products more often.
  • Recycle more than bottles, cans and newspapers.
  • Don’t forget to consider the recycling options for other household items including: batteries, refrigerators, computers, electronics, tires, etc.
  • Remember, recycling is a cyclical process.
  • Support recycling by purchasing recycled products.

Looking for specific recycling information?

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Further information on what common materials can be recycled in most municipalities:

Here are some recycling tips for the home from the UK that will reduce your impact on the planet

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