Recycling Computer Monitors

How to Recycle Computer Monitors

Recycling computer monitors has become increasingly important as older screens are quickly replaced by new LCD flat screens.

Disposing of an old monitor improperly can do significant harm to the environment.

The cathode ray tubes (CRT) found in monitors contain lead, phosphors, cadmium and mercury, all which are hazardous materials.

If disposed of in a landfill these toxic substances will be released and may eventually seep into the groundwater and nearby surface water.

Proper disposal of computer monitors is hassle free in most regions and helps keep our water and soil free of harmful pollutants.

Tips on Computer Monitor Recycling

Most locations that recycle or run donation programs for used laptops and desktops will also accept computer monitors and other computer accessories.

One option is REboot Canada, whose website is:

Several computer manufacturers, HP for one, are also running recycling programs.

For more information visit the following website:

By taking a few extra minutes to properly dispose of your used CRT or LCD monitors you will help to minimize the impact of e-waste on our plant.

Global Recycling Reference:

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