Recycle Computers

Why Recycle Computers?

recycle-electronicsThere is good reason to recycle your computer.

For example, Computers are one of the main contributors to the 140,000 tonnes of e-waste disposed of in Canadian landfills annually.

This waste is thought to contain approximately one tonne of mercury and more than 4,000 tonnes of both lead and cadmium.

The implications of these metals being dispersed into the environment are staggering to the health of humans and wildlife.

As a result, Environment Canada has taken steps to encourage individuals and business with computer recycling and other e-waste.

Yet despite such efforts, it is thought that only two percent of PC waste is recycled properly making it extremely important to know the facts before disposing of your old computer.

Tips on Computer Recycling

One option for disposing of your computer is to donate it to a local organization.

There are a variety of organizations that will pick up your computer and deliver it to a suitable receiving organization.

The Electronic Recycling Organization provides this service across Canada and arranging a pickup only requires a visit to their website:

Another organization that offers a similar computer recycling program in Canada is REboot Canada.

Alternatively, most Canadian municipalities can provide you with information on local computer retailers that except old computers for recycling.

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