Organic Baby Products

Why should you consider using Organic Baby Products

Organic baby products conform to a set of unofficial standards governing their manufacture including but not limited to:-

(i) the materials used in their manufacture and

(ii) the indirect effects of the processes used in obtaining the materials and processing them for industrial use.

Simply put, organic baby products are intended to be better alternatives to regular non organic baby products.

By avoiding the use of artificial chemical ingredients, manufacturers aim to produce items that are free of the negative effects that come with over-processed and tainted products.

Everything from clothing to toys

For example, truly organic baby clothing would not have been treated with any artificial dyes and would not trigger allergic skin reactions that can sometimes be caused by the chemicals used in many dyes.

The materials themselves (cotton, wool, etc.) would also not have been processed using any artificial chemicals during manufacture – and these measures would have varying effects on the overall ‘safety’ of the item.
I use the word ‘safety’ loosely here because regular baby products aren’t necessarily unsafe.
But sometimes they’re not doing a whole lot of good for the health of the children that wear them.

With all the organic baby products, the main premise for removing all these chemicals from the production equation is that infants exposed to them are at significantly greater risk for a myriad of health conditions related to these artificial chemicals. Baby care toiletries are a good example of why this is so important.

Hives, for example, are a skin condition where the affected area becomes red and inflamed, and are probably the most common side effect of artificial dyes used in fabrics.
This is especially troublesome with babies since an outbreak of hives will likely lead to tears for the poor child and sleepless nights for his/her equally unhappy parents.

Organic baby clothes, on the other hand, are made from all natural materials that are far less likely to irritate skin and trigger any adverse reactions.

organic baby productsThere are many other benefits that have also been associated with the whole plethora of organic baby products.

As an added bonus, the methods used to produce organic baby products are better for the environment as well. The absence of artificial chemicals means that there were no harmful insecticides (used in treating plants, like cotton) being released into the environment as by-products of industry. This prevents such chemicals from getting into the water supply or any of the other places where they can cause harm.

Organic farming also produces far less carbon dioxide gas and has been estimated to take roughly 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions out of the equation every year.
This is good news for everyone – especially environmentalists that are familiar with the air pollution statistics and the dangers that lie in the future if it continues unchecked.

In short, using organic baby products is socially responsible, environment friendly, and healthier for the kids in very many ways.
The little differences really do add up.

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