Eco Friendly Yoga

There are many things that could be considered part of an eco friendly yoga lifestyle.

Yoga mats, clothing, blocks made from cork and wood, the products used to clean your yoga mat to how you get to your yoga location.

There is a lot an individual to can do to lessen their environmental footprint and improve their health when it comes to yoga.

Something as simple as the type of water bottle you use when practicing yoga can make a positive difference to your environment.

Look for information and reviews here on yoga products including yoga mats, hemp yoga bags, and yoga clothing.

Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing

Everything from the types of fabrics used to produce the clothing, to the labour practices employed, to the location of the manufacturer should be considered when trying to improve your eco footprint for your yoga wear. Information on Eco Friendly Yoga Clothing

Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

eco-friendly-yogaThere are numerous alternatives for eco friendly yoga mats materials.

It is becoming increasingly easy to find a yoga mat that is biodegradable, created with sustainable and plant based materials, and is produced ethically.

The Eco Market helps you find the right yoga mat for your lifestyle and for the environment. Information on Eco Friendly Yoga mats

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