Eco Friendly Shoes

Reduce your ecological footprint with eco friendly shoes

When it comes to Eco Fashion, one of the fastest growing areas is eco shoes …Yay!

The list of ecologically friendly footwear brands and styles is ever growing, and where better to start reducing your ecological footprint than with your shoes?

You no longer have to sacrifice comfort or style in supporting brands with a conscience.

Fair Trade Footwear

Why Fair Trade?  Our consumer spending choices affect people’s lives around the world.

The products we enjoy are often made in conditions that harm workers, communities and the environment.

But increasingly consumers are demanding more humane, more environmentally sensitive products.

In today’s world economy, where profits rule and small-scale producers are left out of the bargaining process, farmers, craft producers, and other workers are often left without resources or hope for their future.

Fair Trade helps exploited producers escape from this cycle and gives them a way to maintain their traditional lifestyles with dignity.

Look for products that are made from sustainable or recycled materials and are produced under socially responsible conditions.

And as Gandhi once said Be the change you want to see in the world

Eco Friendly Shoes Directory

Below is a list of eco fashion companies that pride themselves on their eco shoes. These companies promote greater environmental responsibility and the development and use of environmentally friendly technologies.

Toms Shoes ‘One for One’
One for One Program gives one pair of shoes to a child in Ethiopia and Argentina for every pair bought. Wow! So far they have given over 60,000 pairs of shoes to children in need! Wow again!

Planet Shoes
Their shoes are produced from recycled materials, animal-friendly products, gentler chemicals and manufactured in plants with environmentally sustainable initiatives.

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