Eco Friendly Moving

Eco friendly moving is a way to help both your wallet and the environment when you are making a move.

By following some simple tactics, you can make your moving experience more enjoyable, save yourself some time and money and lessen your environmental footprint during your move.

The Single Most Important Thing with an Eco Friendly move?

Probably the single most important rule when completing an eco friendly move is to take an inventory of your belongings and deciding what do you really need to keep and bring with you on your move and what can you get rid of prior to the move?

Moving is a great opportunity for you to get rid of old and unused items.

Maybe the clothes that you have not worn in the past two years can be donated to a needy charity.

A garage sale or Kijiji or Craigslist might be a way to make some money selling items you own that are under utilized.

Save yourself the hassle of moving that energy wasting beer refrigerator in the basement and have it recycled.

Old books could be donated to a school or library.

By getting rid of these old and under utilized items, you can save money by requiring less packing supplies and boxes and having a smaller truck.

Less items to move is also going to save you time and effort (and your back).

The end result is you are on your way to making your move an environmentally friendly move.

Be Smart with Boxes and Moving Supplies

A recent trend in eco friendly moving is the rise of reusable rentable plastic boxes.

These boxes can be reused hundreds of times compared to the one or twice a cardboard might last.

As well, these reusable boxes saves you the hassle of having to assemble, tape and then tear down the boxes.

The reusable boxes typically do a better job of protecting your possessions and are sturdy than a cardboard box.

There are now numerous companies that rent these reusables boxes that offer pick up and delivery.

Another environmentally friendly moving tip

Check your local classified for freebies. You might be able to get some free boxes from someone who just moved themself and they now have a large number of they need to get rid of.

When you are done with the boxes you might be able to pass them along to the next person.

Wherever possible, looking for moving supplies such as packaging paper that can be reused or recycled.

Don’t Forget About Your Utilities

It is recommended you call your current utility provider in advance with your move out date.

This way, the utility company can arrange for a final meter reading and you are not paying for utilities and wasting money for a house you no long live in.

Every little bit of energy conservation helps.

While you are at it, remember to notify your house and car insurance company of your move.

There is not point in paying for house insurance when you no longer live in the house.

Plan Ahead for Where to Park Your Moving Truck

Many cities have programs in place that would allow you to secure a parking spot (ideally in front of your home) for the day of your move.

This will help make your experience an eco friendly move by saving you time, energy and gas by avoiding having to circle the block endlessly trying to find a parking spot.

Moving can be a painful experience at the best of times…. let alone, if you have to walk an extra couple of blocks to load or unload your moving truck. Call your local government to see if such a programs exists in your city.

Ship Your Car to help the environment!

Needlessly driving your vehicle alongside a rented moving van is a waste of time, gas, and money and creates unneccary pollution.

Trailers are an option, but they can also be a hassle, and most do-it-yourselfers will have minimal experience driving a truck, let alone a truck with a car trailer behind the truck.

Having your car shipped by a professional transport company is another option that might make sense.

These specialized companies take care of the pickup and delivery of your vehicle to your desired location, typically on a large car carrier.

It may save a bundle of time and money, especially for very long hauls.

Consider Hiring the Eco Friendly Pros

Moving short distances with few things may be most economically done with you and a few pals.

Moving long distance, however, can end up a costly, time-gobbling, garbage-producing rut if you aim to do it yourself.

You can save on waste and boxes if you go with a company that packs and unpacks your stuff and removes any boxes from your new home.

The other eco friendly advantage of going with a professional moving company is many of the supplies they use (packing materials for example) will be reusable.

Some common sense practices can save your time, effort and money, and best of all, make a positive difference to the environment by making your move an eco friendly move.

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