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Beyond new, eco friendly clothing fabrics, reclaimed, recycled and vintage materials play an important role in eco clothing also.

Eco friendly clothing is creating a buzz in the fashion world with the materials used to create the latest styles.

The clothes are made with sustainable resources such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and soy fabrics

It is also important to learn about the labour practices employed while making the clothes, and the location of the manufacturer.

The Shoppers can have a major impact on the environment, so buy smart and support the earth.

Going green has never looked so good! Below is an eco friendly clothing directory of eco friendly clothing lines and retailers that do, according to the relevant websites reflect our eco and socially conscious priorities.

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Eco Friendly Clothing Directory: A directory of some of the web’s best eco friendly clothing lines.

Ungalli Clothing Co. (Online Retailer)

Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Canadian clothing brand designed and produced on 100% sustainable materials.

Our clothing is produced using plastic bottles, recycled cotton, and scraps from cotton factory floors.

Each and every products saves the world approximately 712 gallons of water, 1/2 a gallon of petroleum, 12 kg of carbon dioxide, and 3 ounces of chemicals.

Ungalli is not only considered eco friendly but has entered a whole new realm of 100% sustainable, recycled, and ethically produced clothing.

We offer an entire line of tee’s, v-necks, hoodies, and athletic performance wear featuring everything from big, bold graphics to low key tees.

We promise to always come up with new and exciting designs and provide you with sustainable and ethical clothing that is casual, comfortable, and offers an urban aesthetic for those who are fashion conscious as well as eco conscious.

Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconept (Online Retailer)

Wabi Sabi Ecofashionconcept is a green fashion brand working at the intersection of quality, design and sustainability.

We are the brand of choice for professional women on the go who are concerned about health and wellness, but still demand great stylish fashion.

Our designs are elegant, timeless yet contemporary, and are versatile enough to meet the needs of your high pace lifestyle.

Appropriate for both work and play, Wabi Sabi Eco fashion concept will take you from the boardroom to your favorite leisure spot.

There is no need to make sacrifices or changes in your routine. We make it convenient for you to dress well, and feel great.

Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries, using toxic chemicals to create, dye and finish the clothes, bags, jewelry and other accessories that we use each day.

We can find residuals of these hormone disrupting and cancer causing chemical in our own closet.

These chemicals also seep into the ground contaminating the water we drink and the food we eat.

You may think that this only affects places such as China and India where most of today´s manufacturing takes place.

This is not the case. One of the most common things we do in our daily lives is actually one of the most dangerous. Washing our clothes allows for the release of toxic chemicals into the ground where we live, polluting right at our own homes.

Wabi Sabi Eco fashion concept uses only the best natural and organic materials and employs skilled artisan craftsmen to bring you luxurious, stylish and healthy fashion.

We are an eco friendly company because we firmly believe that creating great fashion does not have to be synonymous with contaminating.

Rok Cork (Online Retailer)

Rok Cork is a Canadian owned company committed in supporting the Sustainability of the Cork industry.

Rok Cork carries an extensive line up of tech office and fashion accessories.

All items are manufactured exclusively in Portugal for Rok-Cork, handmade by artisans using authentic high quality cork fabric and finishes, such as the product linings which are natural fabrics like cotton and silk.

For some unique eco-friendly gift ideas check out their line up of iPhone and iPad cases and covers, wallets, laptop cases and handbags for both men and women.

Rok Cork ships within Canada and across the world.

Shoukie (Online Retailer)

Shoukie is a European brand of organic clothing geared specifically for children aged 2 to 12.

Shoukie uses only natural organic fabrics from Italy, which are soft to the touch and will not irritate children’s sensitive skin.

All of their fabrics are GOTS and OEKO TEX 100 certified.

Shoukie also uses natural Tagua nut buttons which come from the seeds of palm found in the tropical regions of South America, which are produced into buttons in Belgium.

Shoukie offers children and parents a unique experience letting them co-design their own outfit.

Through Shoukie’s website, children are able to choose their favourite styles, colours and patterns.

You are also able to choose custom made sizes for children who might not fit standard sizes. Shoukie is able to ship anywhere in the world.

ettitude (Online Retailer)

ettitude is an online retailer of bamboo products such as bamboo sheets , socks, underwear, duvets, comforters, pillows, tea towels, bath towels and bathrobes.

ettitude is committed to making eco conscious living easy, affordable and rewarding.

ettitude is committed to sourcing and choosing manufacturers who are committed to creating a more sustainable world and have proper accreditation from recognized governing authorities.

ettitude constantly revisits the standards they apply to list a product on their website to ensure they offer you and your family the best eco friendly products available.

After becoming one of the most popular eco stores in Australia, the company is now making its products available to international customers online.

Revamped (Online Retailer)

Revamped is a Toronto-based upcycle and repurpose business.

Upcycling is the process of recycling and altering used garments to add both value and style to the item.

At Revamped, they take your previously loved garments, those which may be torn or out of style, and give them new purpose and new life, while still retaining the original character and sentimental value.

Upcycling provides you with a new garment to cherish, and greatly reduces textile waste. Please take some time to browse their shop for examples.

On average, each North American household generates 68 lbs of textile waste.

Their mission is to offer ways of reducing that by encouraging households and clients to revamp, up cycle and reuse there tired wardrobe, while increasing the value in handmade, local products.

Dover Saddlery (Online Retailer)

Dover Saddlery is a retailer of equestrian apparel for English riders and proudly carries several eco-friendly riding apparel lines, including Green Riding Apparel for Style and Sustainability (G.R.A.S.S).

Designed by the women of Kerrits, this eco friendly riding apparel collection uses renewable or recycled materials, providing an environmentally friendly equestrian apparel option for riders.

Shop Dover to learn more about eco friendly Kerrits riding apparel and other environmentally friendly riding clothes.

Lur Apparel (Online Retailer)

Lur Apparel was founded in 2012 by Mark Heiman and Alan Brown.

Lur Apparel has an extensive line of women’s clothing featuring dresses, tops, sweaters, scarves and pants.

Every one of their clothing items are made from 100% sustainable fabrics by blending recycled cotton and recycled polyester to create an incredibly soft, durable and comfortable fabric.

Lur Apparel prides themself on creating sustainable clothes that are good for the environment while still remaining beautiful and soft to the touch.

Lur Apparel stives to make a positive difference in the communities in which they operate.

A portion of their profits go to help women establish businesses and gain access to education to allow themselves, their families, and their communities the opportunity to rise out of poverty.

Lur Apparel is available through their website or various retailers across the USA.

we’ar un ltd. (Manufacturer and Online Retailer)

we’ar is an industry leading designer and manufacturer of eco friendly clothing.

They take great care in hand selecting manufacturing partners to ensure fair labour practices and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices are followed at all times.

100% certified organic cottons are used whenever possible with their clothing lines.

In the event that appropriate fabrics from their local environment cannot be sourced, we’ar will still look for opportunities to spin and knit the fabrics locally to help improve the communities in which they operate in.

we’ar carries an extensive environmentally friendly clothing lines for men and women.

Their stylish clothing designs often utilize organic cottons and bamboo fabrics.

In addition to summer and winter clothing lines, they also carry an extensive collection of eco friendly yoga clothing.

Repair the World (Manufacturer and Online Retailer)

Repair the World manufactures and sell an extensive eco friendly clothing line that is both eco friendly and people friendly.

They have “his” and “her” clothing lines, along with environmentally friendly clothing for kids.

They carry everything from tank tops, sweaters, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts and much more.

Best of all, all of their clothing lines are made from eco friendly fabrics and often contain a high proportion of recycled color cotton and recycled polyester.

Repair the World makes lessening their environmental footprint a core focus of everything they do.

Their eco friendly clothing is available through their website or across the USA at selected retailers.

Mulierose (Vancouver, BC & Online Retailer)

Mulierose is a casual eco-friendly fashion and accessories line for women designed from men’s upcycled clothing.

The name Mulierose comes from an adjective that was used in the late 1700’s to describe a man that was fond of women.

Taking direction from the name, the line has a unique twist mixing men’s fabrics to create feminine clothing.

Each item is one-of-a-kind and has been designed to fit and flatter many body types.

Amanda, the designer/founder, designs, sews and sells Mulierose in Vancouver craft shows, stores and online.

American Flora (Online Retailer)

American Flora is a line of dance and yoga wear that emphasizes a woman’s true femininity, athleticism and beauty.

They create boutique high-performance garments inspired by passion for dance and the beauty of our natural world.

Smart design and extensive use of eco-friendly Repreve® fabric ensures each piece provides the ultimate combination of luxury, comfort and performance.

American Flora is made in the United States from 100% US sourced material. Each of their garments is made with 100% recycled Repreve Polyester fabric.

Indigenous (Guelph, Ontario)

Indigenous is committed to providing premium fair trade and organic clothing.

For over 15 years Indigenous has been pioneering eco fashion.

Our mission is to support and preserve fair trade wages and artisan cooperatives, while designing apparel from organic and natural fibers.

We hope you will join us in spreading the beauty of artisan made eco-friendly fashion.

Efforts (Scarborough, ON)

Efforts creates hemp, bamboo, and soy wear for classic comfort tees, tops and MORE

Hemp and Company (Victoria, BC)

Offers breathable hemp clothing, such as comfortable drawstring pants and shirts. They create comfortable environmentally friendly clothing.

Lela Designs (Vancouver, BC)

This B.C. clothing line features ladies golf wear made out of bamboo and anti-microbial and naturally sweat – wicking materials.

Not Just Pretty- Modern Organic Clothing (Victoria, BC)

This B.C. store carries designers such as Blue Canoe, and Twice Shy who use organic cottons, and Mala Kuji who makes soft soy tanks.

OOM Ethikwear (Montreal, QC)

OOM Ethikwear is an ethical and urban clothing line made of organic cotton. The sewing of its clothes is made by social integration organizations in Quebec.

SaltsOrganic (Sooke, BC)

Brave green clothing indeed! Salts Organic Clothing is made in BC using organic cotton blends, soy, bamboo and hemp.

Sans Soucie (Vancouver, BC)

Making non-functional textiles into functional clothing such as the recycled nylon hosiery line filled with funky dresses and tops that are completely wearable.

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