Eco Friendly Bags

Purchasing eco friendly bags is a simple way to make a positive difference to your environment.

Every day, there are tons of reusable products that are dumped in landfills that could easily be refurbished and transformed into renewable consumer products.

Below is a list of creative companies that have designed eco friendly bags out recycled materials and/or eco fabrics.

They reflect a new approach to accessory design, addressing the challenge of creating fashionable handbags with a green and socially conscious theme.

They reflect the fashion worlds ascending contribution to the greening of our runways and our

Hold your head high while carrying or giving eco friendly bags because you are part of the solution and you look fabulous and eco-fierce!

Eco friendly bags selection from Amazon

Eco Friendly Handbag Designers

Rok Cork (Online Retailer)
Rok Cork is a Canadian owned company committed in supporting the Sustainability of the Cork industry.

Rok Cork carries an extensive line up of tech/office and fashion accessories. All items are manufactured exclusively in Portugal for Rok-Cork, handmade by artisans using authentic high quality cork fabric and finishes, such as the product linings which are natural fabrics like cotton and silk.

For some unique eco-friendly gift ideas check out their line up of iPhone and iPad cases and covers, wallets, laptop cases and handbags for both men and women. Rok Cork ships within Canada and across the world.

Ashley Watson:
Ashley uses all recycled leather for her bags and each one is a hand made edition or one-of-a kind.

Beth Springer:
Beth’s bags are made from reclaimed and vegetable dyed leathers. Check out the “Ecovertible” limited edition tie-dyed bag in rose. It’s very bohemian chic and uses leather for the trim.

Eco Handbags (Kirkland, Quebec)
Eco-Handbags offers the conscientious consumer, chic, unique and fashionable handbags created from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

They create stylish purses, briefcases and handbags from unique reused materials like records, chopsticks, slides, and juice boxes.

This is a sophisticated approach to using candywrappers! The Daily Bag in green with orange handles is very cute and the Diva Clutch in Brown is wonderful.

Ella Vickers:
Ella makes an assortment of totes, duffels, messengers, backpacks and smaller handbags and wristlets made out of recycled sail boat sails.

English Retreads (Rosendale, NY)
They create fashionable and stylish designer handbags, wallets, belts and now dog collars from recycled tractor and truck inner tire tubes.

Heather Heron:
Heather uses organic European hemp as the backdrop for all of her bags. Her celebrity following includes reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams and Alanis Morrisette.

HER Design:
Designed Helen E. Riegle these beautiful handbags have been inspired by nature out of sustainable materials since 2004.

Kim White:
Kim uses the most innovative fabrics to create her eco friendly handbags.

Kim’s bags are made out of predominantly car upholstery from the 70’s and 80’s and the result is a collection of bright whimsical bags that comes with a tag showing the model and year of the car it came from.

Matt and Nat:
These bags are vegan and very stylish. Each bag carries with it a “positivity”message, featured on its designs. The bags also have cell phone and PDA pockets.

This line of handbags does a very stylish job of incorporating recycled rubber into fashion. They are made from truck or tractor inner tubes.

This line is sophisticated, clean and modern. Allison teich uses vegetable -tanned and chrome-free leather up against vintage materials and fabrics, composed of eco friendly fibers, like hemp and linen.

Vegan Queen:
These bags are very upscale, structured and elegant, with a little bit of a rock and roll edge.

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