Eco Friendly Appliances

Eco friendly appliances (Energy Star appliances) can greatly reduce the energy and water consumption and environmental impact of your household.

Simply purchasing Energy Star appliances does not mean an individual’s environmental impact will significantly improve.

The manner in which one operates the appliances is as important as the types of appliances they own.

You can find energy saving tips on how to properly operate your appliances and useful information to help you make informed purchase decisions when shopping for environmentally friendly appliances in this section.

Eco Friendly Dishwashers

The dishwasher leaves a significant impact on the planet when you take into account the electricity required to run your dishwasher, the water needed to run a load, the energy used to heat that water and the detergents that are used to clean your dishes. Tbe Eco Market helps you undertand eco friendly dishwashers and teaches you best usage practices when using your dishwasher.
Information on Eco Friendly Dishwashers

Eco Friendly Dryers

The clothes dryer is one of, if not, the largest consumer of power in most households. We help you understand best usage practices and what to look for when purchasing an eco friendly clothes dryer.
Information on Eco Friendly Dryers

Eco Friendly Refrigerators

In many households, the refrigerator is the 3rd heaviest consumer of power amongst household appliances.

It is one of the few appliances that is running 365 days a year, increasing the importance, whenever possible, to have an eco friendly refrigerator in your household.

The Eco Market helps you make smarter decision when purchasing a refrigerator and teaches you best usage practice.

Particularly with refrigerators, it is extremely important to properly dispose of your household appliances.
Information on Eco Friendly Refrigerators

Eco Friendly Washing Machines

A typical family will wash over 400 loads of a laundry per year.

An eco friendly washing machine can help you save significant money on your utility bills while helping the environment.

Following best usage practices are important to lessen the environmental impact of your washing machine.
Information on Eco Friendly Washing Machines

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