Appliance Recycling

If you are in the market for any new major appliances, appliance recycling is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your old appliances.

Why should you recycle your old appliances?

There are several reasons for recycling old and no longer required appliances.

First, old refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners may contain chlorofluorocarbons commonly known as CFCs.

If the appliance is crushed prior to the CFCs being removed they will be released into the atmosphere resulting in damage to the ozone layer.

As well, major household appliances often contain mercury and oils also harmful to the environment.

Recycling Tips for Appliances

In Canada, there is no single recycling program for appliances that services the whole country.

The best source of information on regional programs is your municipality’s website.

Most regions have several companies that collect old appliances for recycling. Before you select a company ask if they remove CFCs and any other toxic substances prior to crushing the appliance for recycling.

One reliable option for the disposal in Ontario is the Appliance Recycling Centre of America (ACRA).

ACRA properly decommissions appliances and successfully recycles 95% of all material.

A thorough description of their recycling program can be found on their website:

Another option is donating your old appliance. Further information on donating old appliances can be found through General Electric (GE) at:

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