Organic Baby Clothes

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Babies should be kept warm in safe organic baby clothes that nurtures babies delicate skin while also nurturing and protecting our environment

Many organic fabrics such as bamboo, soy, organic cotton and tencel are hypoallergenic their fiber is naturally smooth and round without chemical treatment, meaning that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin.

Certain of these eco fabrics can exhibit up to a 99.8% anti-bacterial rate.

eco-baby-shoesThis helps to reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and cause unpleasant odors.

It can also kill odor causing bacteria that live on human skin, making the baby and his or her clothing smell sweet.

Eco friendly organic baby clothes can make a perfect organic gift for a mother or baby you love.

Eco Friendly Organic Baby Clothes Directory

Baby Naturopathic (Ontario)
Has a line of 100% organic cotton clothing which is embroidered using stylish and modern designs. Their current collection is inspired by Asian and Natural motifs.

Fig Kids (BC)
This kids line by BC’s Twice Shy features quality organic wear for babies and children.

Organic By Nature (Ontario)
Organic children’s apparel collection. Scandinavian designs, organic cotton fleece, organic wool, hemp and silk blend etc.

Sage Creek Canada (BC)
With a variety of organic baby wear, check out their adorable Zen yoga collection for your little ones.

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