Environmentally Friendly Pet Supplies

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Environmentally friendly pet supplies are a great way for pet owners to reduce their ecological footprints and pawprints

Conscious of it or not, we are constantly purchasing and replacing supplies for our beloved four legged-friends.

The waste generated from all these products can add up and put unneeded pressure on the environment.

Eco friendly pet supplies help keep your pet happier and healthier while improving the overall health of your household. Here are several tips to help you become a greener pet owner.

Use Biodegradable Products

Biodegradable pet products are becoming increasing popular and easier to find in pet stores across the country.

Doggie Litter Bags

If you are a dog owner looking for environmentally friendly pet supplies consider purchasing biodegradable doggie litter bags.

If you clean up after our dogs using a plastic bag it will take decades for the plastic to breakdown. However, there are new biodegradable products available in the marketplace that are better for the environment and help keep plastic out of landfills.

Bambeco sells the Business Bags biodegradable doggie litter bags.

They are corn based and biodegrade in as little as 45 days leaving no trace of plastic in the landfill.

Pet Shampoo

Synthetic detergents can take years to decompose once washed down the drain.

However, you can reduce the amount of unwanted chemicals entering nearby surface water by making a change as simple as choosing a natural organic pet shampoo.

Only Natural Pet Store sells a wide assortment of eco friendly pet shampoos and grooming products.

Just two of the many brands they carry are TrueBlue SuperFresh Dog Shampoo which is an all-natural botanical blend that will leave your dog’s coat super-clean and smelling great!

It is made from grapefruit, chamomile, sunflower & green tea and Halo Cloud-Nine Herbal Dog & Cat shampoo which provides nourishing botanical oils to your cat or dog’s coat and restores suppleness to the skin.

Halo Cloud-Nine shampoo contains aloe, jojoba oil and rosemary.

Cat Litter

It may be a surprise to learn that the popular clay kitty litter is NOT biodegradable and therefore should not be considered an eco friendly pet supply.

Another concern with clay litter is that it is taken from the earth using strip mining which creates problematic erosion in the regions where it is extracted from.

Sodium bentonite is the clumping agent in cat litter.

Concern has been raised that cats may ingest this chemical when grooming causing health problems.

There are many different biodegradable litter products available in the market today

Environmentally friendly pet supply options for litter can be made from recycled newspapers, wheat, wood chips or shredded corn cobs.

Natural litters can also be used for your rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters.

A good resource when looking for the product that is best for you and your cat is www.cat-litter-critic.com/kitty-litter.html .

This site has information on a long list of products and includes consumer reviews.

Another eco friendly pet supply option for your cat are biodegradable cat litter pan liners.

Biodegradable liners will take months to breakdown instead of years or decades that traditional cat litter liners can take.

Buy Products Made from Organic or Recycled Materials

There is now a wide variety of environmentally friendly pet supplies in the market made from organic or recycled materials.

It is important to remember that recycling is a cyclical process and for it to work consumers must purchase products made from recycled materials.

There are a growing number of eco friendly pet supplies which are made from 100% recycled products.

Animal Beds

environmentally-friendly-pet-supplies-4You can by your dog or cat an eco friendly bed without sacrificing comfort.

The bed shown on the right is the Organic Bumper Bed available by www.westpawdesign.com .

It is made from 100% organic and recycled material. The outer cover is organic cotton while the soft inner stuffing is a fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.

Look for similar environmentally friendly pet supplies when at your local pet store such as animal beds, pillows and sleeping blankets made from natural materials such as hemp.

Pet Toys

Toys for our beloved four-legged friends can also be made from a variety of recycled materials.

There are countless numbers of options so the best advice we can give is simply – the next time you buy your pet something to play with check out label of prospect toys and pick one that is made from recycled materials.

Eco friendly toy options for your pet include hemp dog bone shaped chew toys and plush toys made from post consumer recycled water bottles.

Organic Catnip

Not all catnips are created equal. Organically grown catnips avoid the use of dangerous chemicals and pesticides helping protect our environment and promoting sustainable agriculture practices. Your cat and the environment will appreciate organic catnip.

Collars and Leashes

There are a number of eco friendly options for collars and leashes that are stylish and durable.

Recycled rubber collars are one example of an eco friendly option. They come in a variety of collars, have a look similar to leather, are waterproof and can stand up to your animal chewing at them.

Collars and leashes made from hemp is another environmentally friendly option for your pet.

Hemp is a sustainable crop that does not require chemicals or pesticides to grow. Hemp collars and leashes come in a variety of styles and collars and are extremely durable.

Use Durable Products to Reduce Waste

If we are replacing our pet products less often we therefore consume less which reduces our impact on the environment. When buying pet supplies consider more durable options.

Durable Toys

Dogs definitely have a way of chewing right through toys sending the old toy straight to the trash.

Consider a flying disc, which is a favourite object to chase for many dogs.
A cheap plastic disc will end up with teeth holes covering it no time.

However, if you use a puncture resistant flying disc designed to withstand a game of retch you will find yourself buying and throwing out less non-biodegradable plastic.

One option is the Zisc, seen in the picture to the left. The West Paw Design Zisc throw dog toy is made with durable material guaranteed to withstand your dog’s teeth. The Zisc is available online from PetFoodDirect.com


Consider using stainless steel bowls rather than plastic ones which may need replacing more often.

Eco Friendly Pet Directory

Dover Saddlery (Online Retailer)

Dover Saddlery a leading equestrian retailer, carries horse blankets, horse care supplies, and horse tack designed with the environment in mind. With products like Rambo Blanket Wash, an environmentally friendly horse blanket cleaner, Dover helps English riders care for their horse supplies in an eco-conscious way. Shop Dover to find horse turnout blankets and other equestrian supplies that minimize your environmental impact.

Muttropolis (Multiple California locations & Online Retailer)

Muttropolis is a specialty dog and cat boutique. Muttropolis, offers an extensive selection of design-driven, yet functional pet products with a wide selection of designer pet bedding, bowls, carriers, dog collars, ‘canine couture,’ functional dog toys and all natural food and treats. Muttropolis carries a number of eco friendly pet supplies including recycled fleece dog mats, bamboo wipes, dog sweaters made from recycled cotton yarn, hemp collars, and eco friendly toys.

Muttropolis offers free shipping for orders over $150 within the continental USA. They also offer world wide shipping.

PETCO (Varioud locations in USA & Online Retailer)

Petco.com is a leading retailer of pet supplies and products. Petco has over 1,000 retail locations in 50 states and the District of Columbia. Petco.com offers thousands of products and ship internationally along with the continental USA. Eco friendly pet supplies Petco carries include dog houses, recycled yarn collars and leashes, plush toys, dog beds and bowls for your cat and dog.

Some interesting “green facts” about Petco include they offer reusable shopping bags at all Petco stores. Their pet carriers are made with post consumer recycled paper products and they recycle all of their company cell phones.

Bambeco (Online Retailer)

Bambeco is the home furnishings, decor, and accessories company where eco-conscious style meets your home and lifestyle needs. Bambeco has a line of pet products which features a number of environmentally friendly products including doggie beds and nap pads made out of 100% recycled materials, collars and leashes made from recycled materials or hemp, organic cat nip and toys made out of eco friendly materials.

Bambeco offers free shipping for orders over $100 within the continental USA. They will also help you coordinate international shipping.

Only Natural Pet Store (Boulder, CO & Online Retailer)

Only Natural Pet Store is a leading retailer of natural pet supplies for dogs and cats. In addition to eco friendly pet products such as eco friendly pet beds, pet poop bags, pet collars made from 100% recycled plastics, hemp pet toys and eco friendly cat litter, they also offer thousands of products from all the leading manufacturers of natural pet care products, including vitamins, supplements, medicine, food, treats, chews, bones, flea control products, grooming supplies, litter, cleaning supplies, and much more. They offer many hard to find products like organic food and treats, herbal remedies, homeopathy, raw food, flower essences, and natural flea control products.

Only Natural Pet Store ships to both the USA and Canada.

PetFoodDirect.com (Online Retailer)

PetFoodDirect.com offers one of the largest selections of pet food and supplies on the web. Eco Friendly pet products they offer include litter, bedding, cat toys, dog beds and organic foods for your cat and dog.

PetFoodDirect.com offers an “auto-ship” program for your dog/cat food, medicines and litters. You can save 15% on every order and you set the schedule so you never have to worry about running out of your pet supplies again.

PetFoodDirect.com ships to both USA and Canada.

EntirelyPets (Online Retailer)

EntirelyPets offers a wide variety of pet supplies including flea & tick medication, joint care supplements, pet shampoos, pet toys & treats and much more! They strive to carry the best products to ensure your family gets the best care. Eco friendly pet supplies they offer include eco training pads for your dog, eco friendly pet bowls, doggie poop bags, dog houses and hemp dog dollars and toys

EntirelyPets ships to the USA and internationally. They offer free regular shipping on orders over $85. They also have an “auto reship” program which offers its customers 10% per auto reship order.

Pet Super Store (Online Retailer)

Since 2006, Pet Super Store has been providing customers with a large selection of boutique pet accessories and dog training equipment at the guaranteed lowest prices. Theyare an Authorized Retailer for some of the most recognized and trusted brands including PetSafe®, Innotek®, and SportDog®. Eco pet products they carry include blown recycled fibre dog beds, bowls, blankets and poop bags.

They offer free shipping for orders over $75 to lower U.S. States. Pet Super Store ships to the Continental USA and International.

Pet Street Mall (Online Retailer)

Pet Street Mall is a leading online retailer for everything your dog, cat, fish or bird may require. Eco pet products they carry include dog and cat beds made from post consumer recycled plastic bottles, pet beds made with organic cottons, dog houses made from post consumer recycled products and biodegradable dog waste bags.

Pet Street Mall ships to Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico as well as to the forty-eight contiguous states. Free shipping for orders over $50 applies only to the forty-eight contiguous states.

Silly Kitty (Salt Spring Island, BC)

Silly Kitty is a Canadian company that specializes in environmentally friendly pet supplies and products. Their products are all made in Canada using hemp and other quality organic materials. They sell organic, locally grown catnip and cat toys, and dye their fabrics in house using non-toxic, reactive dyes and natural products like soda, salt and cold water rinsing to reduce their environmental impact.

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