Eco Friendly Yoga Mats Directory

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Below is a directory of retailers and manufacturers selling eco friendly yoga mats.

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WovnBranch (Online Retailer)

WovnBranch makes their eco friendly yoga mats from 100% TPE.

Thermo Plastic Elastomer is the only 100% recyclable yoga mat material.

It was very important to WovnBranch during their design phase to offer their customers an eco-friendly product that was long lasting and easy to maintain.

Their yoga mat is extruded in an interesting way that makes it more robust and dense while keeping it at a very manageable weight for transportation.

From the grip on your hands to the mat and from the mat to the floor, the traction of a WovnBranch mat is superb.

After testing a number of products and materials, they felt that the product they chose to offer is able to cater to many different styles of yoga.

Their mats have curved corners on both ends that lead upwards towards a singular point.

The purpose of the point is to help with alignment and orientation.

The points create an imaginary line that runs directly down the center of each mat which helps the yogi get into proper position and stay centered, balanced and focused.

Another distinct feature is that the edges are tapered inwards towards the center of the mat. The tapered edges make the mat a bit wider at the hands and feet in order to maximize surface area where it is most needed.

They also allow you to track your progress from move to move and class to class when getting into different positions.

When looking down, you can see exactly how far apart your feet are spread in relation to the edges, and this allows you to see marked improvements in flexibility over time.

WovnBranch is fortunate to partner with Nothing But Nets, a UN Foundation organization, in order to solidify our status of a one for one company.

For every mat sold, we donate one anti-malaria net via their partner at NBN to help prevent the spread of malaria. That is WovnBranch’s promise.

Hunki Dori Yoga (Online Retailer)

Hunki Dori Yoga is an online retailer specializing in eco friendly yoga mats and natural fiber, organic and upcycled products that were inspired by Yoga.

Hunki Dori has four different models of environmentally friendly closed cell yoga mats.

The yoga mats come in different thickness and come in vibrant colours.

In addition to green yoga mats, Hunki Dori has eco friendly yoga bags made from 100% organic cotton or pure jute that come in a variety of colours.

Hunki Dori ships to the USA and will provide custom shipping quotes for international shipments.

JadeYoga (Online Retailer)

JadeYoga is one of the pioneers of eco friendly yoga mats.

Since 2002, JadeYoga has been producing a wide variety of green yoga mats. All of their mats are open celled mats made from natural rubber.

JadeYoga’s mats provide superior slip resistant and best-in-class cushioning. All of their mats are made in the USA furthering ensuring they are made in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

They even sell a mat containing recycled rubber.

They currently offer 9 different models of eco friendly yoga mats with various characteristics coming in different lengths, widths and colours.

In addition to environmentally friendly yoga mats, they offer a number of other eco friendly yoga products including yoga blocks and yoga towels made with organic cotton.

As a commitment to being environmental leaders, JadeYoga has a number of community programs including where they will plant a tree for every environmentally friendly yoga mat they sell.

They offer shipping within the USA.

Barefoot Yoga Co.(Online Retailer)

Barefoot Yoga carries one of the largest selection of eco friendly yoga mats available on the internet today.

Currently, they carry 10 different models of environmentally friendly yoga mats.

They carry mats that are made from a natural rubber and jute mix, mats that are made from 100% recycled polyester and eco friendly polyolefin, a jute and Polymer Environmental Resin (PER) mix mat, and all natural rubber mats.

Barefoot Yoga also offers eco friendly yoga clothing made from organic cottons, hemp fibers, recycled polyester and bamboo fibers.

They ship to Canada and the USA and they will ship international orders.

Barefoot Yoga

Dusky Leaf (Online Retailer)

Dusky Leaf sells 4 different kinds of eco friendly yoga mats made from materials such as natural rubber, TPE and PER.

They even carry a natural eco friendly cleaning product specifically designed for your eco friendly yoga mats.

Dusky Leaf also carries yoga products such as towels, blankets, blocks, bags and straps. They offer shipping within Canada

Kulae (Online Retailer)

Kulae sells 7 different models of eco friendly yoga mats.

All of their mats are closed cell mats made from TPE and are 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable.

Kulae also sells other eco friendly yoga accessories including renewable cork yoga blocks and a 100% certified organic yoga mat cleaner.

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